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Making a right choice is never easy. For new expectant parents, there are enormous things to consider as the baby is the way. One of them in the list, is to breastfeed or formula feed the baby. If you googles online, there are countless literature to convince you on the advantages or benefits of breastfeeding.
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Aside from the studies and substantiated data, take a step back in time, think of what our forefathers were being fed before the birth of formula milk. I believe you answer is as good as mine.

If you are looking for the do and don't in breastfeeding journey to convince yourself, the following may offer some pointers. Summarized based on my own account, I hope they will help you to make the best choice for your baby and you.

1. Decide on your choice?
Prior to the delivery, discuss with your partner what you are going to feed your baby i.e. breast milk or formula milk. Trust me, if your partner is on your side for breastfeeding, you have won more than half of the battle. The chance of successful breastfeeding is more than 90%. If your partner is not supportive but you are still wish to breastfeed, you definitely have made the best decision for a healthy baby and a healthy you! Breast milk contains nutrients and antibodies that can't be engineered elsewhere. Read on advantages of breastfeeding if you need to reassure yourself.

My partner and I agreed for exclusive breastfeeding. And we stick to it through the thick and thins.

2. Be strong, determined and patience to breastfeed.
These will take you through as triumph prevails. Believe it or not, the success of breastfeeding is all in your mind. If you think you have milk, then you will have an excellent milk rush. If you think otherwise, the milk supply will automatically drop then stop after a while. Breast milking is an amazing system. It works based on the power of mind and the simple law of demand-supply. Therefore, it is important to let your tiny one sucking to induce milk production especially at the beginning and stay stress free.

My lactation consultant said 99.9 % of mothers are born with ability to breastfeed by nature. Have the 'I can do it' attitude and stay away from folks who speak/react otherwise. It is painful to hear your newborn crying on the first few days therefore some parents succumb to formula milk in the end. Some are pressured from discouraging folks around them. However, many parents choose to go on for the best gift to their baby. And there are few that go to the extend of dripping the formula milk on breast's nipple while waiting for milk rush and at the same time encourage the baby to latch on and suckle.

3. Shout out for help if you need to.
Breastfeeding mothers are committed and caring mothers. Keep in touch with family and friends who have breastfeeding experience. They are more than happy to share you with you all the tips. Or engage with breastfeeding community/lactating group to obtain new inputs or exchange ideas.

I am proud, contented and happy that I give my baby the greatest gift of all from a mother. Yet, I did not do it alone. There were hiccups at the beginning but it is a blessing that I have enormous support from my loving hubby, sister, mother, relatives, friends, health care staff and my lactation consultant.

4. Take plenty of fluids, eat healthy diet and rest well.
A healthy and happy mom nurses a healthy and happy baby. Stay positive and remember, breastfeeding is also the time to develop bonding with your precious one. Talk or sing to your baby and spend quality time with him/her. This is the period he/she needs you most so be there for him/her.

The bottom line is you are the best mother to your child(ren). You are empowered to decide the best for your loved one. Even if you are not breastfeeding for some reasons, you are never the second best mom to your child(ren). Every parent wants to give the best and aim for a healthy child. Your decision dictates the fate of your child, make a wise one!



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