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Speaking of building toys for kids, Austin has a pretty luxury collection from wood, plastic, magnetic, gear to block varieties. Some were gifts from relatives/friends whilst others were sourced locally or the limited edition kinds were flew in from The United States.

Although I had been through childhood (obviously), picking up a good construction toys for children was still a headache. Until I undiscovered a golden rule from a chat with toy enthusiasts. Aplenty of options, of different materials, concepts, play-style, brands (though most parents would think of Lego when it comes to construction/building toys) and prices, so how do I choose the best building toys for kids?

The brief answer is buy the toys that you (not your child) are likely to enjoy the most. If you have a chance to toy with it, experiment and ask yourself if you would love playing it.


First, if you like it, you tend to reach out for these building toys and children by nature are curious thus would blend in after seeing you working with it. They always wanted to do what the adults are.

Secondly, the joy of affinity is contagious. Blame it on the genes, or environment. Do you know that couples that live together tend to like same food, same color, same ambiance in the end. Same thing goes for favorites and toys, whoever that live under the same roof are likely to fancy the same toys!

Thirdly, play time is family time. The bottom line is you and your children are happy playing together.

Stock take on the collection of Austin's building toys:

1. Connectagons by Hearth Song - They have other variety with themes e.g. Under The Sea, Butterflies & Flowers, Geometry, Treetop and Hearts-to-Hearts (4 yo+). This is one the best building toys for kids that we'd invested. There are several ways to play and have fun with more than 200 pieces of these colorful chips.

    * One of the fun atypical ways to play Connectagons is placing two-piece connected Connectagons under ceiling fan. Within seconds, it rolls towards you. It is as if the haunted Connectagons are going after you and your child! BTW, Austin discovered this game and it made him giggling non stop the whole evening!
    * Blowing - Alternatively, without ceiling fan, Austin and I would blow and compete to see whose will move faster.
    * Bartering - use them like the casino chip in trading.
    * Maths i.e. counting, addition and substraction - requesting Austin to give a number and I would pass him these chips. Or telling Austin a combination e.g. 3 orange Connectagons and 2 red Connectagons. Then, ask again, how many are there in total?
    * Cooking ingredients - when we play cooking and eating, these chips can be served as cookies or carrot (orange pieces) or vegetables (green ones).

2. Mega blocks 80 pieces large by MegaBloks (1-5 yo+).
Austin can build all kind of things that he imagines from vacuum cleaner, electric car to staircase and sky park. See..Austin designed his favorite number – 66!
3. Magneatos  Jumbo Magnetic construction set 36 pc by Guide Craft (2 yo+).
We had not explored much though it was Daddy's idea to get this construction set for our boy.
4. Gears! Gears! Gears! Super Set - 150-Piece Set by Learning Resources.
As all the gears move in synchronize, it excites our little thinker. Leader by nature, Austin screams if we are trying to take over his supervisory role. He wants a full control on the handles that spin all of gears at once. This is an amazing experience for mechanically inclined kids.

5. Wooden Farm Block by Imaginarium.
The first construction set we bought when Austin was about 6 mo but it had been shelved after we gave up on its quality. Most of the corners chipped off after a couple of toss.

6. Family Stack 'em wooden block by Tesco (4 yo+).
All time favorite. From stacking to building, our checky Austin can turn them into whatever he wants particularly numbers, shapes and alphabets. 

7. Nut Sets by BenHo (3 yo+).
Sourced locally, made in China, this construction set is comprised of nuts, screws, wooden pieces with holes, spanner and wrench. So far, we had constructed more than a plane, a train, a donkey and a giraffe.
8. Castle of Dreams Towering Blocks by Xiao Guai Dan (3 yo+)
Mind teaser, it is offered with a complete manual from starter to master level. I was the first one to complete to the master level! And of course, Austin is a starter at the basics :P
Whether it is buying toys for toddlers or children, do also consider the take away values. Read the reviews, ask around and check how others had experienced on the quality especially when you're purchasing from online market place.


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