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Play, play, play! And more play!

People said there is always a kid in us. This also means nobody is ever too old to play :) 
If you are following on Austin’s progress, he started walking recently. Rating on how well he is walking, I would not give him a distinction yet. Strictly speaking, he probably has just passed 5 out of 10 on the mark as of now. Huge stride, staggered but he loves going fast! We believe to master walking, Austin needs more practice.

The next questions are how and where?

Our lovely castle is tiny but making good use of floor space provides sufficient area to practice walking. The trick is drawing loops on the place. With baskets and stools, we pave invisible paths and set-up some traffic. Always be wary to make sure the walking trail is free from booby trap :)

There are a handful plays that never fail to get Austin excited and encourage him to walk. The simplest of all is stomping my feet. He stands up quickly and simply loves to tail me. This play blends perfectly for us with the chorus “tick tock tick tock” of My Grandfather’s Clock rhythms as I march forward. Pulling a cart also motivates Austin to walk. Chasing after a cart full of his toys, he giggles and drools along the way!

PlayWalk1Taking a ball out from Austin’s day is almost impossible. When Austin is in the mood to pick a ball from basket, he brings the ball to slot in-between my thighs. And I have to clamp the ball at the same time walk over 10 feet to ‘slam dunk’ before returning to my base. Austin will diligently pick up the ball, hold it as he walks to me, then 'asking’ me to clamp ball and perform the ‘stunt’ again. This repeats until he is tired of collecting the ball. Phew! Austin makes sure I do exercise at home too :)

Next is a cute play that I believe most kids would love. I grab a colorful shawl (towel, pillow case or any lengthy fabric work too), tucking behind on my waist to ‘create’ a tail. To spice up our walk, what I do is dancing cha-cha along our trail or shaking my body as I take small steps forward. Austin is thrilled to chase after. When he is too engrossed going after ‘my tail’, I sometimes stop and attack (hug) him with funny phrases such as “caught you”!

Last but not least, when we get a reasonably safe and clean outdoor area such as park or garden, I slip socks (with gripping soles) on his feet and allow him to explore independently. And recently, we found that a drinking water bottle’s cap could entice him to walk as he tossed and picked up :)

Every child is unique. What works for Austin may not work for your little one. Nonetheless, I would love to hear from your cute stories. Tell us your experience on how you help your baby to walk.



0 #2 Momma Austin 2011-12-10 10:39
Hi Mommy ZeeWee, Thanks for sharing your experience! Will keep this great tips in mind, so that we could 'use' anytime 8)
0 #1 Mommy ZeeWee 2011-12-08 13:03
Hi Shirley,

My little angel was motivated by the need to explore 'heights'. Recently, we went for outing at the cave & he saw flight of stairs (about 7-8 steps). He continuosly walked up and down, excited by his own capacibility too :)

Now, we just instill the habit. When we take key and say "let's go", I will take his shoe and put it on for him (don't have to pester him anymore unlike the earlier days).

It is really thrilling to see them walk...Take more shots and cherish it :D

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