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How to play tambourine for kids

Are you excited to learn how to play tambourine man for your kids with a tambourine? Then find out a few simple and easy steps on how to tambourine and have plenty of action plus fun! Well, this post isn't going to bore you on complicated procedures for teens or adults that's I am going to leave it to the professionals to coach you. Just stay on for 5 minutes and you will walk away to champ toying tambourine and bring smiles to your tykes!
Unlike the classical tambourines for big kids that usually made from wooden frames and sometimes do not come with drum heads, kid's tambourines are usually spotted with a handle and a drum head.
Depending on the size and the shapes of these little tambourines, they may be offered with two pairs of metal jingles (zils) to a handful pairs.

If you are brand new to tambourine, learn how to play tambourine with these 4 basic steps:

1. To hold - grib the handle on tambourine with your secondary hand.

2. To hit (H) - hit the drumhead of tambourine with a dominant hand while your non-dominant hand are holding it.

3. To shake (S) - shake the tambourine with secondary hand, allowing the zils to jingle.

4. To shake (S) and hit (H) - doing both simultaneously.

Simple rhythms to learn how to play tambourine

Sounds simple, right? Then, it is time to practice, practice and practice. Once you'd mastered these 4 brilliant steps, start playing the 2 simplest rhythms as illustrated in the charts. Like how to play drum, try keeping a steady count of 1,2,3,4 whether you repeat them in your mind or by stomping softly with your foot. Then, play as where is indicated as follows.

Rhythm 1 - As you're repeating 1,2,3,4 in a constant tempo, hit at the count of 3.

Rhythm 2 -  While you're repeating 1,2,3,4 in a constant tempo, shake when you are at 1 and 2, hit at 3 and shake again at 4.

Experiment these two rhythms with your kid's favorite music and listen to see which rhythm works better. Then invite your kids to join you as they get fascinated with this new instrument and learning how to play tambourine. Get someone to play maracas or play xylophone, sing along and dance. In no time, you are going to be the super coach of your home-grown rock band!


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