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This is the one recipe that every mom would not regret learning. Trust me, you will get hooked once you know the secrets to make this food - it is the kids' all time favorite! Why do I say so? Because Devil's egg is one of the easiest food for kids to handle and to consume. Be it a snack time, or an elaborate birthday party, it is a simple food to prepare and wholesome especially for preschoolers and alike.
Devil's Egg For Preschoolers

Here is the story of the eggs. It began with the request from school. The school wanted to host a Mid Autumn Festival celebration and it was a potluck party. Given a choice to prepare protein, I responded in writing on reply chit, informing the school that we would serve 'Devil's Egg'. Rather new in local culture, Austin's teacher asked him what exactly the dish was. And, I replied in a joking manner, "Don't worry, kids would love them! They don't bite anyway". It would not scare off the kids though the name sounds otherwise.

The best thing about Devil's Egg, it is certainly the kids' favorite of all time:
Step 1: Prepare 10-15 eggs hard boiled egg - halved.

Step 2: Combine all the yolks. Add with mayonaise, some prefer mustard. Sprinkle with pepper to taste.

Step 3: Place the yolk paste into piping bag.

Step 4: Press out into the bowl of halved egg.
Step 5: Decorate with sliced carrot, steamed corns and coriander leaves.

Ready to serve. What happened was Devil's Egg was first dish that was gone in no time! I won the bet, right?



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