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Austin is completely off-diaper during the day after he turned 3. End of last year, Austin did request to stop putting him on diaper as he headed over for a night-through slumber. We however, were a bit skeptical because he was not keen to wake up to urinate amidst of this long sleep when we’re negotiating with him. Hence, Austin agrees to still put on diaper every night.

One day, Austin woke up with a strong smell indicating that he could have just poo-ed. Thus, Daddy tried to probe further.

Daddy: Austin, did you poo?

Austin grinned, showing off a row of white teeth...indicating a nod.

Daddy: Someone poos in his pants.

Austin: Daddy, you’re wrong! I poo-ed on my diaper, not on my pants.

Daddy (slightly embarrassed) : Erh..Austin, you’re right. Sorry, Daddy got it wrong!

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