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Do I need disaster kits

When it comes to how to be prepared for an earthquake and equipping for natural disaster kits to save lives, there is nothing like over doing. Spare the haunting thought of "I should have done it!!" or regretting, be prepared for the worst. Do what to do during an earthquake instead of panic is going to save you and your loved ones!

Dedicated to parents whom experienced fleeing homes with their babies during the few minutes tremor resulted from over 8.7 Richter scale earthquake in Banda Aceh Indonesia on April 11, the following is a brief survival kits checklist for emergency preparedness earthquake including some survival gear that never come across our mind before.

Thanks to our dearest family, relatives and friends for calling from outstations and overseas to make sure we were sound and safe. Also contributing to the following checklist, Uncle Thomas triggered me to prepare considering our proximity to Sumatra besides Penang is an island, composed of high rise towers and  skyscraper. My imagination is perhaps going very wild but in case my family and I have to hop on the 'Noah's Ark' allowing only a bag each, these are what we are going to bring along with us.
Noah's Ark
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Disaster Kits Checklist

1. Water - Consider 1 L per person the least.
Note: Red Cross recommendation is 1 gallon (3.7 L) per person per day.
2. Sufficient dried and ready to eat food e.g. high energy bars, biscuits. Consider infants e.g. baby food or special dietary.
3. Essential First-Aid-Kit e.g. cotton, bandage, bandit, alcohol swap, antiseptic, salt, etc. Consider syringe for babies.
4. Critical medications e.g. inhaler, spare eye-glass, antibiotic, antihistamine, antipyretic (anti-fever) especially for babies.
5. Whistle instead of shouting to ask for help.
6. Small battery operated radio to get updates.
7. Walkie-talkie to initiate communication if you have. Or a head set attached to smart phone.
8. Torch or flashlight & batteries.
9. Clothes - long sleeves & long pants for protection, change/keep dry. Consider diapers and wipes for babies.
10. Towel, Sarong, muslin or small blanket. Can be used for protection or wet it if you need fresh air in the event of chemical explosion or notorious gas exposure.
11. Sufficient cash, coins (to make calls from booth if it still works) and NOT credit card.
12. Hand phone in case it still works, spare batteries if you do have.
13. Hand Sanitizer/wash or alcohol wipes.
14. Baby carrier if you own one for protection and assisting parent to flee.
15. Thick socks, thick gloves, face mask for protection from aftershock debris.
16. Tiny essential tools e.g. Swiss knife/army knife/pocket knife, string, rafia, rubber bands, etc.
17. Important list/document e.g. ID, drug allergies, emergency contact numbers, insurance card, etc.
18. A pair of sturdy shoes e.g. cross training shoes.

If you're referring to this list, do consider the season, weather and your geographical region. Pack all the above in a backpack for each individual with an ID. Keep it within reach all the times and as light as possible unless you're fleeing with a vehicle. Treat this natural disaster kits like buying an insurance. If an earthquake strikes out of sudden, grab that backpack and run. Even if one is trapped but survived, at least this disaster kits may help to get one going for the next 72 hours before rescue comes into picture. And pray because He hears you!



0 #2 Momma to Austin 2012-04-22 06:37
Wow, crank-powered flashlight - this is a cool stuff! It is a good reason to get a new toy :D Thanks for sharing Michele :)
+1 #1 Michele 2012-04-15 16:04
Excellent checklist! I didn't even think about documents or a facemask. If you can find water purification tablets, that may help if you run out of bottle water. One of my flashlights is crank-powered, so I don't have to worry about batteries on that one.

My survival pack, thrown together in 5 minutes after Wednesday's quake, was just intended to keep us going for 12 hours. After that, I planned on breaking store windows and stealing - just kidding.

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