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Penang Children’s Library

If you are a parent and have been traveling on Scotland Road frequent enough, Penang Children's Library or Perpustakaan Kanak-Kanak certainly caught your eyes. Even if it did not on yours, it somehow prompted me to take Austin to pay a visit.
Sit next to George Town branch public library, one may enter from the one-way Scotland Road after Kompleks Penyayang. Being a first timer, there is a better alternative to reach Jalan Piggot. In case you miss out the hard-to-spot lane off the bustling Scotland Road, continue driving until Union High School. Take a left turn into Jalan York and make the first left turn into Jalan Piggot that runs next to a small river. After passing a stone bridge, Penang Children's Library and George Town Branch Library are both on your left. Check the image below and spot the red arrows, courtesy of Google Map.
Baby steps to literacy

Stepping into a public library for first time at 21-month old, Austin was not the youngest user. We met other little readers too.  


To explore Penang Children's Library, we walked up the stairs to begin at the book section. With low shelves occupies the middle hall, this corner is meant for toddlers and pre-schoolers/young children. Floor is carpeted, ceiling is hanged with colorful animals and equipped with little tables plus tiny chairs to hang out. The first thing that struck Austin was the colorful caterpillar. Hiding, crawling, stepping on its legs and trying to untangle the structure were what he was attempting on this giant bug! Tired of the play, he then went for books. Still fond of shapes, colors and numbers, these are the books that held his attention span the longest.

Little librarian at work

For Toddlers to Tweens
Both wings adjacent to the middle hall are dedicated for tween - school children aged between 7-12 years old as the signs indicated. Numbers of books are more, from educational to fiction, in Bahasa Malaysia, English, Chinese and Tamil too. You may also find taller tables and chairs there. Murals take over the wall, a decent and quiet place for revision or just to encourage reading for school kids. 

Indoor Play Library

To our delight, we also found a magical space for him. A playroom called I-Play Toy Library, this place is a haven for pretend play. Aim to promote living skills, the play zone is decorated with all kind of mini furniture, from little kitchen with sink, stove top, hot plate, fruits, vegetables to cake mixer as well as washer, work benches, wardrobe, iron, iron board, baby bath. Soft toys, balls, cards games, puppet play and books are also made available. Basically, an endless list of adorable play stuff dedicated to toddlers up to tweens. I was amazed with the wooden toys supplies, they simply outnumber the variations at Toy R’ Us outlets in Penang! Indoor, clean and cozy, Austin went ga-ga-go-go, rushing to touch everything without turning back! In fact, he decided to postpone his nap at which we didn’t know until he got seated in the car, then he immediately dozed off! 
I-Play Toy Library

Though food and drinks are not allowed inside the library, there is a little park outdoor about 300 m away for little people. Grab some food along, get ready for picnic during lunch break at Taman Jajar adjacent to Sri York Condominiums. Book section is open during lunch but not the I-Play Toy Library. Otherwise bring loads of cash, cross over the stone bridge, head to Suffolk House for a splurge. Learn more about Taman Jajar and Suffolk House here.


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