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If you’re looking for a charming variety of finger food, steamed cake can be a great option serving an easy snacks for kids. Of Chinese origin, steamed cake can be a better half than baked ones, being less ‘heaty’ as advised by most Asian elderly. Steaming is always my number one choice when it comes to cooking and baking, being easy to prepare, taking shorter time without removing much moisture of the food. In addition, I have an automatic steamer as my best friend in kitchen. 
Sweet potato is certainly has lots goodness. Besides being a powerful antioxidant, sweet potato that is rich in beta-carotene is well-known to assist digestion and promote bowel. So, it is always great for kids that have problem with flatulence. Research indicates that most benefits of sweet potato are best salvaged through boiling or steaming thus this recipe gives one a wonderful opportunity to enjoy (almost) the whole goodness of sweet potato. 

Sweet Potato 150-200 g – slice into bite pieces
Brown Sugar 120 g
Yeast 1 tbsp – I used Mauri-Pan instant yeast
Warm Water 100 ml
Coconut Milk 150 g (or fresh milk)
Flour 300 g
Medium Egg 1

1. Steam sweet potato. Once they are cooked, let it cool down and then mash them.
2. Place brown sugar into a working bowl A, then add two-third of the warm water. Stir well. Add yeast and stir well again.
3. Place flour into another bowl (Bowl B) then add coconut milk, egg and mash potato. Mix them well. Then, add all from working bowl A.
4. Using spatula, combine all and mix well. If the mixture is too hard, add a little bit of warm water, bit by bit. If too watery, top up with some flours and stir well. 
5. Heat up the water in steamer.
6. Fill in the mixture into paper cups about two-third full. Then, steam for about 10-15 minutes (depending on the size of each cup).

BTW, this is a variety of the famous ‘smiling’ steamed cake of Chinese favorite with natural color and flavors :)


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