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Every morning, when I takes Austin to school I would ask him to press the elevator’s button to get down to our parking zone. 

One morning when we were waiting for the elevator to arrive, Austin probed, “Mommy, why we don’t put the number panel outside? And put the up and down arrow buttons inside the lift (elevator)?”

To be honest, it took me a while to figure out on how to explain this. First, I am not the elevator expert and secondly, I have never thought of this before. Yes, never. Never came across my mind even once. In order not to disappoint a 4+ yo boy, I started to argue “Austin, if we were to place the number panel outside, yes it is indeed great that we can press the level we want to head to. But when we get into the lift (elevator) and if the lift doesn’t take us to the correct floor, we may need to depend solely on up and down arrow buttons. If there are many people, how are we going to share the up and down arrow buttons?”

Austin replied nonchalantly,”Build a big, big up and down arrow buttons!”

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