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Today, Austin called out “F For Facebook!”. Not once, not twice, but he repeated more than thrice as he flipped over his book that has a page of letter 'F'. F was no longer for Frog, Friends, Flamingo, Fly or Fun.
I wanted to pretend that I’d never heard of this but I couldn’t. Not that I am anti-Facebook nor any social media. But back in mind Austin is likely to be ‘ignorance’ when it comes to Google, Facebook, Candy Crush or their siblings. Particularly at this age coupled with my over-protective manner over the digital/online/internet games and electronic gadgets.

Do you know that TV screening is a privilege? Austin is entitled for less than 2 hours in a week and he’d never asked for more. And I am kind of proud that Austin has never challenged to use our smart phones or PCs.

That’s said, I doubt I can be right.

Technically, Austin is born in Generation Z but could he escape the spell of Z?


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