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Dear Austin,

We had visitors on last weekend. They were here with souvenirs and food from three continents – Asia (Japan), Europe (Switzerland) and America (CA). Lovely! After having Thai for lunch, you had great time playing with them in afternoon. What a fabulous Sunday!

On the next day, you surprised your parents with two pukes. You woke up after barely a cycle of nap, milk that you took was out hitting the ground. Less than 30 minutes later, every single molecule from your breakfast – a mush made from sweet potato and potato. We took your temperature, no fever. Sounds consoling. Or not yet? We have to prepare for the worst. We decided to take you to pediatrician. This was an unusual of you, and clingy too since this morning.
The food was more..
We arrived at the hospital after half past eleven, queuing and went to see ped about half past twelve. Good news! No fever, ENT all passed, no sign of inflammatory. Ped suspected likely due to  food intolerance or food poisoning from his elimination diagnosis! He consoled us that your case was mild. Thrice! We must had been asking him too many questions :) You were given a stud via rectal to prevent vomiting, so that you can take your lunch, probiotics and ORS. Continue monitoring, ensure no excessive on subsequence throw out. Potential diarrhea. Fine, this is a means to get rid of the bugs.
A masterpiece from wood
After we walked out from the doc’s room, your parents swiftly turned to be detectives! Studying history and clues, the main culprit was fish. Freshness was tolerated! Middle of last week, your poo (twice) was wet, likely diarrhea instead of our former theory that explained too much banana/sweet potato. Breastfeeding does help a lot. You recovered without any further alarming symptoms. Then, momma gave you another meal with fish again on Sunday (from the same batch)and this time, you raised a red flag to tell momma to stop. Well, we are not going to get fish from this source anymore!

And, you cut your 5th tooth over the weekend. Lateral incisor, bottom right. That explains a little why you were clingy and had disrupted sleep for the past few days.

Yesterday, you were back to yourself! Happily playing & exploring, going after your favorite ball. What a relief!

Love, momma


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