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What is babywearing? Never heard of? You are not alone. I was in your shoes before venturing into parenthood world. Babywearing is just one of the parental jargon, just read through if you are curious about it.

According to Wikipedia, Babywearing means a practice of wearing or carrying a baby or child in a form of carrier. A term coined by Dr William Sears (pediatrician), today we have the luxury to enjoy a comfortable and convenience carrier; be it a pouch, a wrap, a sling, a mei tai or even a buckled-on soft structured carrier such as Ergobaby carrier!

Babywearing is not something new, it has been practiced for centuries but gaining popularity in recent years as the parents discovered lots of TLC (tender loving care) advantages and benefits after adopting babywearing.

By nature, baby loves to be held and every parent is looking forward for a happy baby. In order to keep a contented baby while parents are engaged with daily tasks of living, babywearing hits the nail on its head! Serves as a transport to some parents, many others are also babyweared to put their fussy newborn/baby to sleep/nap, wash dishes, do laundry, check email, update blog and shop for groceries. I am none other than one of them in the club!
Mother babywears a baby in Ergo carrier and go hiking in woods
I would not want to imagine how my life could be if I were not into babywearing. I am a SAHM and started to introduce a wrap to my son after he passed one month-old. Too bad, he hated it the first time when I placed him in a cradle hold. Not giving in, I went on for second and third attempts, again he cried after barely a few minutes sinking into the wrap. Back in my mind, here it goes the 40 dollars stuff. It is going to be another piece of junk! Few weeks later, I read reviews of other mommas, spoken to babywearing friends and I found out about 'Hug Hold' and went ahead to try. This happened on last Christmas and in the end, he turned out to be receptive! Guess babywearing was the best first Christmas gift for me from my son! I guess he fell in love with it and stayed for about 20 minutes. As time passed, my wrapping and babywearing skill improvised, my little one could even nap in wrap for more than 2 hours! In short, the wrap is a happy place for my tiny one. Phew! Our 'new' world is a total bliss now!

I learned that never give up is the key in whatever that I wish to introduce to my baby. Nothing comes easy with baby but it always paid off with endurance, persistence and patience. At such a young age, aside from being fussy or crying, baby is not able to communicate with adults and tell us the real reasons when he/she dislikes something new. Try new parameter each time and test the response, I bet one will get the clue to serve a happy baby.

Well, I am done :) Hope you are enlightened!


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