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Dear Austin,

You’d the third relapsed of fever in the last 3 weeks. This round, the highest temperature detected was 38.4 deg Celsius and it certainly freaked us out. We took you to the ped’s office and this time, the doc said it’d be better to go for blood test.

In fact, that was what we were looking, an absolute answer rather than playing another round of guessing game. First battle, you didn’t make it. Therefore, doc prescribed Augmentin for you on the second visit – 19 May. Despite the help, the bugs were back stronger and more notorious.

Hence, Austin was given a chit to proceed to lab for blood test.
1. To confirm the battle of bacteria vs. virus.
How does it work? Based on C Reactive Protein, if result is less than 0.5 it means likely to be a bacterial infection while reading above 0.50 indicates viral infection.

2. Dengue test is proposed due the on off trending of fever. Despite observed in low graded in first two occasion, the third occurrence indicated looked alarming.

Praise the Lord, he was tested negative for dengue. Reading for CRP is 0.56 hence doc advised for self-recovery.
Thank you God for blessing our family.

Mom + Dad

p.s. Another note to share, doc said there seems to be a trend of on off fever over a duration due to consumption of unpasteurized fresh goat milk, impacted quite a large number of young children in Penang recently.


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