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Taiping Zoo

The thought of taking Austin to Taiping Zoo had been lingering in our mind since months ago. Too young to appreciate, that was the main reason why we delayed our trip to zoo until recently. With Austin's latest indulgence in reading animal words, playing with animal puzzle and watching animal shows, he demonstrates to us that he is ready for a walk amidst the kingdom of the wild animals.
Sambar Deer
Mouse Deer
Wild Pig
We departed after breakfast. Just an hour drive away, Taiping is a small township that is easy to navigate or get around. If you have GPS, lock these coordinates (4.849529,100.751484) into your machine to get to Taiping Zoo. Otherwise, take the recommended exit from North-South Highway and follow the sign post. In our situation, we exited at Kamunting and drove a fair bit on Jalan Kamunting Lama before arriving at the scenic Taiping Lake Gardens, where it is also the home to the oldest zoo in Malaysia.
Stump-tailed macaque breastfeeding the young

Being the first zoo in Malaysia, Taiping Zoo is pretty sizeable though it is not as large as Zoo Negara in Kuala Lumpur or Singapore Zoo, thus making it a perfect place to bring babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers'. The recent upgrading on this establishment makes Taiping Zoo entrance fee (Adults: RM12, Children (3-12 yo): RM8 6, Senior citizens: RM10) a flat rate and this admission fee is inclusive of tram ride and camera. Group discount of 20% is available for school children, senior citizens and tourists, thus contact the zoo office prior to your visit to enjoy this special rate. 

From Asia, Australia to Africa in Taiping Zoo

Arrived half an hour after 11am, we quickly queued up at ticketing counter. It was a Sunday and a school holiday, so the place was crowded. With admission tickets in our hands, we're ready for dates with the wild and exotic. Seeing other tykes around, wandering on foot, Austin was thrilled and he insisted to get down on ground. Alas, the tram or mini train also accessed the same paved path as the walking visitors, thus restricting the freedom for kids to roam under the canopy and home of nature by themselves. Despite of the downside, Austin surprised us that he walked almost half of the complete touring loop with occasional held when the trams were crossing our path.
Taiping Zoo's Asian elephants
The Savannah

We started with spotting for owls then birds. As we passed a group of macaques along our way, we had rendezvous with mouse deer and Sambar deer. Austin couldn't bother by the heat, he liked walking under the sun, drenching in  sweat, he was fascinated with birds, monkeys, crocodiles, zebras across the lake, pigs hiding in the dirt, lion roaring and of course a herd of Malayan elephants! Seeing his sparkling eyes and smiling faces, we believe this is a wonderful experience for him. We left after 2 pm, just in time before drizzles started dropping on our windscreen. As we slowly cruised away from Taiping Zoo, Austin were dozing off, on his way into dreamland. We're certainly going back for more!

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