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If you're looking for the true meaning of grit and giving, Ola Bola movie is a must watch even one is not a fan of football. I believe one can easily falls in love with this sport that once upon a time ago had a glory moment in Malaysia. Inspired by the winning moment when Malaysia beat South Korea 2-1 and qualified for Moscow Olympic Games in 1980, the characters in the movie are fictional although there are some similar stories particularly on key players of the first eleven in the team at that time.
Super Mokh Junior
I used to play hockey in school through university hence this kind of team effort game somehow resonates to me. In fact, it is a flash back of the good old days whereby everyone mingled without any judgement on colors, outfits or lingos that we spoke. Exactly like this line that appeared in Ola Bola, all of us eat 'nasi lemak' because it is our national breakfast. 

Popcorn that last for 2 hours (almost)
To my junior, Ola Bola movie is going to last very long since this was the first movie he watched in theatre. Hugging a bucket a popcorn, munching non stop throughout almost 2 hours, at least Austin replied, "Ola Bola!" when I asked him what was the title of movie that we watched at the end of the show.

When I probed again,"What was the story about?". Guess what he answered this time, "You also watched, right?". Oh yeah! This boy can be tricky at times.

A day after when he were asked what was the best scene in Ola Bola, he said, "The 3 boys drive lorry and then (got into) accident!". A boy is forever a boy, never underestimate his favorite scene and what he spotted.

Goal! Goal! Goal! Goal! What a great kick to usher the year of Fire Monkey :)
A real kick this time


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