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Living in Malaysia offers us more than a few of highland resorts, literally cooler places to chill out with kids. If you plan for a holiday at Fraser's Hill or Bukit Fraser with young children or preschoolers, you may want to think of the journey before anything else. Good news is that the traffic control at The Gap had been wiped off. Vehicles can ascend the hill anytime of the day and same goes for the journey downhill. So, your kids are not likely to get bored waiting. Before zooming into things to do with kids, what should be seriously consider is the winding uphill tarmac track from The Gap. It is narrow, going zig zag like a beaten snake. 
So, let me tell you our story. After recovering from chicken pox, going outdoor was like haven for Austin who was only 22 month-old. We planned for a day outing at Fraser's Hill, departing from Klang Valley. That morning, I recalled Austin woke up rather late, almost 8:30 am. Everyone was ready, so I quickly fed him rather huge breakfast, thinking it may be good for a long journey. 

Everything went well, we arrived at The Gap two hours later. We're going slower as we went up on the altitude. After a few minutes on the curvy one-way road, Austin was very fussy. Screaming, yelling and only one thing worked to calm him - flashing a series of Word World show. To our relief, we reached the top after winding for almost an hour!! At last, Austin got off. Then, we went into a coffee shop. And guess what? Wurrrluppp!!!! wurlupp!! wurluppp!!! Within seconds, the floor was messed up with Austin's breakfast! Poor baby. Despite of that, we're so thankful that Austin was so brave, holding on until we reached the top. I'd not want to imagine if he were to throw out in our car. Eventually, we found the answer to why he fussed. Not the length of the journey but he was actually having motion sickness. Honestly, we went unprepared.

With everything was out, Austin looked better. He was back himself, asking for biscuits. Phew! Thank God for His blessing, this experience didn't spoil our trip. In fact, we checked out the best kept secrets for things to do with kids at Fraser's Hill.

Fraser's Hill Clock Tower.
The landmark of Bukit Fraser. Do not leave without a family photograph, a good reminder to the children that they were once here.

Children's playground.
On top of a tiny hill, it is next to The Puncak's food court, not far from town center.

Jeriau Waterfall.
If you're up for picnic, try this natural spot about 3 km from town center. Else, there are picnic huts sprinkled around the summit of Fraser's Hill.

Allan's Water.
A place to enjoy boating, great for older children.

The Paddock.
To experience horse riding and archery, visit The Paddock.

Jungle Trekking.
For family with older children, you may want to consider a hike in the woods. Certainly exciting for the little ones. Otherwise, just take a walk with younger children around being it tarmac, wilderness or dirt path as long as they can cope with. It was pleasant experience for us, sniffing the freshness, ears peeling to nature, and spotting birds of many variety. Make sure you bring along binoculars. And a camera.


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