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If this question "When did we stop hugging trees?" really bugs you, perhaps it's the time to unplug and reconnect with nature. In Klang Valley, FRIM or Forest Research Institute of Malaysia is absolutely one of the best places to head to without second thought.

Green Outdoor Playground

Located in Kepong, FRIM is not only a science park, home to scientists, botanists and foresters but also a public forest where people like you and me can roam or merely visiting for leisure. Being around since 1926, FRIM is indeed a rare treasure with unspoilt nature and undisturbed forests, a perfect outdoor playground for kids. Inspiring scene and green with some trees over a century old, most places of interest in FRIM and its Canopy trails are pretty shady.

As a child, I grew up playing outside, from climbing trees into pretend play police-and-thief, hide-and-seek, and 'masak-masak' (cooking) with foliages and pebbles that we collected at our backyard. Holidays were as if stretched out forever, squeezing every moment outdoor as long as the darkness had yet greeted, or until my parents yelled and dinner was ready then I'd come home with my shadow followed.

This memory prompted me to bring Austin outdoor when we were holidaying in KL. Searching for an outdoor playground in Klang Valley, FRIM jumped out of my mind as it sounds like lots of fun under the sun. From running on grass, hugging trees, falling down on dirt, yelling for more water, smelling fresh air to drenching in sweat, the little ones were also feeding tiny vampires. Precisely, more than a few of mosquito bites but who was never bitten before!!
FRIM entrance fee is RM5 for a vehicle and each visitor is charged RM1. Strangely, we paid RM7 for 3 adults and a kid in our vehicle. Camping, cycling and jungle hiking are good options if you're going with older children. Baby carrier is going to help if you wish to explore FRIM Canopy Walkaway with toddlers or younger kids. alt
The best description for the above image: What’s on Salleh Nature Trail – impressive and amazing!

GPS Coordinates: 3.233777,101.63396


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