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Great Place and Fun for Kids

Being the largest retail mall in Singapore is not a yardstick for VivoCity Mall to stand out from the rest, to be the greatest mall that is fun for kids. It however earns by blending effort and commitment. Thanks to the Japanese architect - Toyo Ito, VivoCity is an impressive playground for everyone. Stand by the edge of waterfront, overlooking Sentosa Island, we fall in love on the first sight with this place when we took little Austin there.
play court at vivocity singapore
What we had in mind is perhaps another concrete jungle like the rest, stuffed with rows of brands - luxury, middle range or economical, supermarkets, alfresco, restaurants and cafe, but seeing the space in the open play court and sky park changed our perception immediately. You might not believe me, but VivoCity was where we headed to every morning during our vacation in Singapore!

If you did not research much on places that are fun for kids, going to VivoCity is unlikely going to end you up with a wrong choice. Read on to find out the why.

1. The largest selection of plaything from Toy R' Us (#02-183) in Singapore is here! We are not a big fan of Toy R' Us but this outlet offers a vast variety and an enormous space with endless aisles of stuff that are fun for kids. If you are planning to take your kids to Pahlawan Beach in Sentosa Island, alas forget to pack sand scoop and bucket, then just drop by this huge toy retailer. You can find them here, in fact almost everything that one can think of for kids!

2. Live up to what Singapore government is promoting, VivoCity Mall is child-friendly, equipped with baby room. Roomy, comfortable and pleasant, this place comes with a wash basin, paper towel, a diaper changing station and a chair for breastfeeding. If you can't find them, look for the alley next to Toy R' Us that brings you to rest room area. This one is spotted easily aside from a few more on the same level. Decent high chairs allow kids to enjoy their meals in comfortable manner, thus the restaurants, eateries and even the Food Republic hawker food center provide baby chairs.

3. Looking for a safe indoor place to drop off your children? Visit Cookie & Monkey Kids' Lounge (#02-105), then parents can have quality time by themselves, watching movies, shopping or catching up with friends over a cuppa for a few hours. Like the hourly kind of nanny service, a small fee is charged and kids can play there under the staff's supervision. An alternative to this is SingKids (#01-171), another fun place for kids, featuring dynamic environment and interactive plaything, but your kids need to be accompanied by a guardian. And don't forget, put on socks!

Fun For kids in Singapore

4. If your kids like to run under the sun, sniffing the fresh air, then play court area sounds perfect with trampoline, bumps and a few spring rides planted on ground – these are free stuff. They also have mini furry animals and motorcars  that you need to insert coins before getting them taking pre-schoolers for a short ride. Get someone to be stationed here, and you at the same time can poke your head into the kids retailers which are conveniently circling the play court with an extra entrance. From bottles, onesies, two-pieces clothing to footwear and brands like Baby Gap, Mothercare, Hang Ten to Giordano, you can shop them there. 
Singapore Sky Park
Sky park Singapore at VivoCity

Ultimate Fun for Kids at Sky Park

5. To find a great place that is fun for kids, it does not need to be expensive. In fact, your kids can enjoy a huge space for free, roaming at VivoCity sky park (level 3). Massive, interesting, inspiring and impressive, I believe these adjectives are not sufficient to describe it. Designed with a sizeable wading pool, this makes it fun for kids. If your kids are not into water (which is something next to impossible), take them running around, admiring the artistic sculptures, go for scavenger hunt, flying kites (if weather permits), watching people, reading book, biking (for kids), lunching under tropical sunshine, experience shower if it is drizzling or just looking at the waterfront and Sentosa island!

Deserving a five-star rating for family shopping mall, VivoCity certainly promises you fun for kids!


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