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Sepang Gold Coast

Gold Coast is not only referring to the Land Down Under but Selangor has two on a stretch of less than 40 km -  Sepang Gold Coast and Morib Gold Coast Resort! Instead of flying high on the sky, we cruised over an hour from Klang Valley to visit the former and passed by the latter in a day.
Watch Austin – the beach boy on duty! The sun, the sea breeze, the vastness of waterfront, this simplicity excited and amazed him. 
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How to get to Sepang Gold Coast

Precisely, Sepang Gold Coast lies on the coastal line of Bagan Lalang (B119 – trunk road) in Selangor. Whether you’re coming from north or south, Bagan Lalang is a small township that one can hardly miss on the coastal trunk road between Tanjung Sepat and Sungai Pelek. Enter from the trunk road, it takes about 5 km to reach the beachfront. To better locate Sepang Gold Coast, spot for Golden Palm Tree Sea Villas & Spa Resort signpost touting along the main road.  

Sepang Gold Coast is a public beach (foreground) and beyond is  Golden Palm Tree eco-Resort.

The beach atmosphere is basic. Everything is DIY and BYO. Accompanied by swaying palms and whispering casuarinas, Austin marched on the beach and had his snacks at the same time. Aplenty of room to run, walk and fall. Quiet, a relaxing spot to steal the best of nature - breeze, water, beach and foliage.  

For a decent stretch, drive towards the end and you will reach Golden Palm Tree Resort, a 5-star eco-friendly boutique hotel. Truly tropical and waving casuarinas await. Unlike the typical hotels that walled up and stuff you with cool air-cond, the reception area of this resort features an open shade with tall conical roof, sprinkled with sets of rattan sofa overlooking the waterfront and smiling, friendly service staff.

How to get to Morib Beach Public Park

Lies in the coastal trunk road between Banting and Sungai Pelek, Morib is 12 km from the former town and 18 km from the Pekan Tanjung Sepat. If you’re cruising from Tanjung Sepat heading to Banting, the famous Morib Gold Coast Water Theme Park Resort can be easily spotted before Morib township. After you have passed this elegant resort, New Morib Beach Public Park is the next spotlight in merely few minutes on the coastal edge of the road.


Different from Sepang Gold Coast, Morib Beach Park is built to serve the public, thus it comes with a number of facilities includes food court, bathrooms, prayer rooms, beach football pitch, marine exploration park  in addition to a children playground and a kite park. A watch tower, a sundial stage and a row of coves attempting to take off make the list of its iconic landmarks. Compares to Sepang Gold Coast, parking bays are ample. MoribBeach4
You can see Morib Beach from this park (picture below) however, there is nowhere close enough to touch the seawater on legal basis :). To reach the shorelines or jump into water, drive further north on the main road and take the first left turn into a smaller road where the real Morib Beach greets you!




0 #2 Austin 2012-10-15 14:48
Oh really! Mommy showed me the present from you - thanks so much Yiyi :)
0 #1 Yiyi 2012-09-27 13:08
Hi Austin

Lovely photos!! Esp. those taken at Morib beach :)


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