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I can bet you'd never seen this set of funky toddler cutlery before!
Ain't they lovely, charming and irresistible? And this pair of toddler cutlery, both fork and spoon are of stainless steel. No joke, they are made in Japan as per the label indicated at which I truly proud of. And engraved with cartoon characters. How can anyone resist, not buying it? Perhaps it was me.

Funky Toddler Cutlery

Guess where I bought them from? And how much?

Well, browsing at Daiso is one of my favorite past time when Austin is engrossed with indoor play station. Putting Daddy to watch him, I would get to check what's hot in Daiso or better known as the 100 Yen Shop in Japan. This is an equivalent to Dollar Tree or Dollar Store in USA. While I was checking out cookie cutter, I came across this unconventional spoon. Before I'd have guessed, I saw the label says 'Kids Spoon'. Aha! Interesting. On the same aisle, I also found the 'Kids Fork'. The spoon size is almost like a tea spoon but the handle is curled giving an opening for the little fingers to manage.

Paid RM10 for both, I took home for Austin to try since he is struggling to feed himself using his current toddler cutlery set. far, he isn't that keen to handle this new tool! Only time will tell whether they are truly useful :)


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