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How to soothe a crying baby

Fussy newborn may not sound right but this is exactly how most parents describe their hard-to-calm infant due to numerous reasons including the most common ones – gassy, fatigue, discomfort or colicky. Identifying ways to soothe a crying baby is a skill that we can't learn overnight because calming a baby requires not only patience but also aplenty compassion. 
A newborn is a bundle of joy. True. The joy includes learning how to make this tiny person happy by helping him to cope with a new environment. After 9 months in a womb, transitioning out is a whole new world to the newborn. During fourth trimester or the first three months of an infant is the most challenging phase. But always remember, this phase will soon pass without you know it!

I had almost forgotten how did we cope with Austin or how to soothe a crying baby until a friend asked me for tips recently. Austin was not a fussy newborn at night, in fact that quite the opposite. A spirited plus baby particularly during the day, as darkness fell, we were blessed with a happy baby sleeping on his crib. That's said, not all the nights! We are like other parents, we also had our challenging moments as part and parcel of caring for this precious gift from God!

Playing White Noise
How to soothe a crying baby to sleep? I recalled we played white noise. Recorded and kept in our portable radio, white noise aided Austin to calm down and induced him to doze off. To our surprise, the little man tended to stop crying once he heard this random signal. In womb, baby was used to hear lots of physiological noises e.g. heart beating, stomach growling, intestinal digestion, etc. and white noise is mimicking the sound! If you're desperate, turn on a household fan or a an air purifier. Though turning on a vacuum cleaner or a hair dryer helps briefly, however their motors tend to wear out very fast. So, create your white noise CD is the best solution to calm a fussy newborn. In our case, we also dimmed the light in bedroom yet not a total darkness and a total silence.

Sucking is also known as soothing to fussy newborn. Some mothers are wondering how to soothe a crying baby without a pacifier. Boobies! Despite a few weeks old, most infants 'recognize' fake stuff which means they reject dummy or pacifier. Austin was tricked one or two nights with dummy but very quickly he learned that stuff was not soothing compared to boobs. If your baby needs to suck at night, I'd strongly recommend direct breastfeeding on sleeping position. Co-sleeping, share the same bed, baby is perhaps too tiny so you may need pillows to support in order to get the best position for both parties. From my experience, I fell asleep before I knew it and I had never heard Austin making any fuss since then. This means both the mother and baby get to rest at night. That's said, make sure the baby is not surrounded with too many stuff that may cause breathing hazard. Watch out for the risks of SIDS.

Singing Lullaby
We also comforted Austin with our voice. Austin loved this, in fact he fell asleep some days in the evening while Daddy was singing to him as he lied in his arms. Exhausting. Very. But a rewarding experience and the great thing is these melodies stick to Austin until now. Unlike the tunes from machine, parents voices are something very familiar even during their tenure in mothers' wombs.

Our role is to help Austin to transition into a new home. Despite babywearing is not what we practiced at night, but what we observed was, filling up the holding or carrying quota during the day tends to make our nights pleasant. We picked up babywearing, that's how we survived to continuously holding a fussy newborn when he was awake! From our experience, Austin was likely to be calmer and fell asleep quickly after I nursed him in the evening. 

Looking back at our first few months, though the journey was as if an uphill, the experience that includes how to soothe a crying baby was what made us richer today. Our love are stronger and we appreciate each other because we were together in both the good and the bad times.


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