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Be a tourist in your own town can be quite fun. Esplanade is well-known to visitors for Fort Cornwallis, War Memorial, a stretch of waterfront beside the ferry terminal to Langkawi. For our little Austin, Esplanade is one of the outdoor playgrounds that he learns hanging on monkey bars, swinging himself as many times as he wishes, then taking a slide down back to the ground.
Kids are always kids, they always have the back-up energy or extra fuel when it comes to playing at playground. Climbing on vertical steels bar as if he was reaching the sky, while his parents were watching with hearts beating fast until he was back on the ground.
Austin also enjoyed exploring holes and shapes that were like his best friends. Crawling in and through, back and forth, amazingly how could this little round void was large enough to permit him to go through. Interesting encounter!
We ended our brief George Town escapade with a dinner at Water Drop Restaurant. An eatery for vegans, it is located just opposite Esplanade field on Penang Street.
Child friendly, they offer wooden high chair for young children as well as kid's utensil. A revisit, we opted for Millet dumpling for Austin while the big kids went for Thai Laksa, Petai Fried Rice and their famous BBQ sesame buns. A self-service, one has to pay at the counter before foods are served. Serving wise is not large. Nonetheless, folks here are friendly, place is very neat, clean and cozy. It gives us the feel of home to tuck-in :).



















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