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Austin is growing taller and heavier!! Leaping pretty significant in about 4 months, his put on more than a kg on scale, hitting above 10 kg (at last :D) though at this stage, the expected gradient for weight is almost plateau.
Weight = 10.7 kg (25-50th percentile)
Length = 79 cm (5-10th percentile)
Head circumference = 46 cm (5-10th percentile)
BMI = 17.1
No of teeth = Await the last pairs of molars. Cutting canines. Austin is officially an omnivore! 
Foot length (toe to heel) = 12 cm (Austin has just owned the 5th pair of shoes!!)
Completed an 18 mo jabbed for DTap (B), Hib (B) and IPV (B). IM – one injection on thigh.

The above percentiles are calculated using WHO Growth Standard, from the tables below.
1. Data Table for Boys Weight-for-length and Head Circumference-for-age Charts
2. Data Table for Boys Length-for-age and Weight-for-age Charts



+1 #2 Austin 2012-06-10 10:49
Hi Bro!
Same here, I had great time with you around. Thanks for letting me tried on your shoes. Daddy bought me a pair last weekend, similar design to yours. Can't wait to show you when we meet - soon I hope :)
Tata, austin
0 #1 mika 2012-06-07 21:38
Hi Austin, well done & look forward to our next get- together play!! Cheers/mika

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