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Home LOGGING Milestone Growth Statistics | Austin @ 24 mo

Austin grows up like a weed! Extending up 85 cm from the ground, he can no longer stand or walk with his body straight under a dining table! Active lifestyle, body weight doesn't put forward on scale, but stagnant though he eats like a horse. Everyday, at least 5 meals - breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack (unless he naps over), dinner and supper.

Weight = 10.5 kg (10-25th percentile)
Length Height = 85 cm (10-25th percentile)
Head circumference = who cares? It certainly doubles from his newborn diameter.
BMI = 14.5
No of teeth = Full set to grind, munch and crunch!!
Foot length (toe to heel) = 14 cm

Shoes size:  Fitting in size 5 toddler (14.0 cm), Austin has just owned the 6th pair of shoes.


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