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One fine morning, while Austin was taking breakfast Mommy decided to play riddle with him. Looking upon his lovely alphabet plate.


Mom: Austin, why don’t we play a guessing game. Let’s start with the last row on the alphabet plate. 
(As Mom points to letter U) Something that starts with letter U. A stick that we use to push out your toys that stuck under the sofa. What is that?

Austin: Umbrella! What is that something that is under table.

Without hesitant…

Austin: W for wire (and he grinned).

Mom: Ah..we miss out letter V…

Austin: V is something that I brought home from school.

Mom: (thinking hard.. & pause for a few seconds)

Austin: Volcano!!

Mom: Oh yes! You brought home a clay volcano that day (pretending to recall :P)). Then, how about the X. Could you name something that begin with letter X?

Austin: (using his index finger, he tried to tap, reaching out, as if he was hitting on my knee-cap)

Mom: Xylophone!

Austin smiled, indicated Mom was right.

Mom: Then, it is your turn for Y. The clue is..(as I pointed to my chest then onto his chest).

Austin: You!

Mom: You’re right. How about Z?

Austin: Z for Zhewen!!

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