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June 17 is not just another day in 2012, it is a Father's Day! What makes the best gift for father may come in many ways. Whether you're celebrating Father's Day by taking him out for a sumptuous meal, getting him a present or a simple text message saying 'I love you', it is always the best Father's Day gift ever.
Guess what is the best gift for Daddy from Austin this year? 
Ta-da..(Give me five!)
And the inside…see our little artist at work (hand printing)! LJ-Handmade-Card2
A handmade card to our surprise and delight! Seriously not everything on the card was originated from Austin. His teacher helped a lot :). However, he cooperated by lending his right hand to be traced and getting his tiny hands messed up to shape of two hearts despite a little struggle since he is pretty conscious/sensitive on any foreign stuff that land on his palms. This is the result after two weeks at play school aside from the bugs that get our little one uncomfortable with runny nose. 

And that's not all about it. This week, we noticed that Austin is uttering more syllables softly as if he is telling us something (that we have been scratching our heads to figure out!). Even while he is playing, he seems to 'talk' a lot!

"There-dee" is rather obvious and very frequent. This is how Austin acknowledges his Daddy. There was an occassion at which Mommy was trying to put Austin to sleep. But the little boy was not sleepy instead Mommy was the one napping. And Austin escaped into a labyrinth of toys in our living room. After a while, Austin suddenly walked into study room, calling "there-dee" as if he was asking for help from his expression. Daddy turned to him, thinking that Austin needed extra hands to fix his stuff but guess what? He was actually requesting Daddy to clean him up because he had just messed up his butt (poo) :)



0 #1 Mika 2012-06-22 22:10
Wow bro Austin, cool card for your daddy!!


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