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Austin is practically growing up with pumpkin. From the moment he started on solid around 7 mo until today, I can reassure that he has never go without pumpkin for more than two weeks. I love to use pumpkin in my cooking because it is easy to prepare, nutritious and delicious by nature. When I can't think of how to cook it, I usually slice them then throw into steamer. Bake can be an equally good option. As sweet as it can offered, also be surprised that there lots of pumpkin goodness e.g. anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, high in calcium, potassium, iron and a good source of fiber.

Easy Pumpkin Soup Recipe For Kids

If you're following my previous posts, I used pumpkin to prepare the filling of snow skin moon cake last year! That was my most innovative invention when it comes to pumpkin. A breakthrough! This time, just a plain simple recipe for a healthy and easy pumpkin soup. Good for the toddlers, kids and great for the whole family.

2-3 cup pumpkin - removed skin, diced to 1 cm cubed.
1-2 cup potatoes - diced to 1 cm cubed.
1/2 onion - minced.
2-3 clove garlic - minced.
1 cup full cream milk.
1 cup water.
1 tsp butter/cooking oil.
dash of salt.

1. Grab a pot, melt the butter.
2. Place garlic and onion, saute until fragrance.
3. Place potato and pumpkin. Stir to mix well.
4. Add water, allow it to simmer until both are soft, cooked and 'melted'.
5. Transfer them into food processor to obtain a smooth texture. Alternatively, mash the remaining potato and pumpkin.
6. Pour back into the pot, put on low heat.
7. Add a dash of salt and milk. Stir to perfection.
8. Serve warm. Good to go alone, common with toast or baguette.
And for Austin - our 34 mo boy, he loves it with steamed rice. Voila!


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