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I had tried many versions of creamy mushroom soup from instant powdered-mix, canned to restaurant. But none is equivalent to the one that lingers in my mind - a serving at an Italian restaurant many years ago. Prepared from scratch by the chef himself, the mushroom soup was scrumptious. Creamy, smell of goodness and a rich taste of mushroom. Alas, the restaurant is no longer in operation.

It never come across my mind to experiment how to cook creamy mushroom soup. Until one day, while I was staring at fresh mushrooms, my hand was prompted to grab a bag of button mushroom. Planted from compost, sound great for the whole family. The Sunday TV show gave me the idea of blending some potatoes, so I made sure they made way into my shopping cart. 
I was delighted to find out all of us love this recipe. Austin licked everything in the bowl, so did his Daddy and my parents! Time to store another favorite recipe, our home made creamy mushroom soup, rather than depending on the canned ones from the aisle. Competition is always good, even better for a wholesome meal.


Ingredients (makes 4 servings):

250 g Swiss Brown Button Mushroom – sliced
150 g Russet Potatoes – sliced
1 onion – sliced
2-3 garlic – minced
125 ml full cream milk 
1 slice cheese
2 tbsp yogurt - non-flavored/natural
2 tsp butter
sea salt and pepper to taste


1. Melt butter in a saucepan until foaming. Place garlic and onion, saute till slightly brown.

2. Add potatoes and mushroom. Stir to mix well. Add some water and continue to simmer until potatoes and mushroom turn soft and cooked.

3. Transfer the content from saucepan into a food processor. Blend to a consistent mush.

4. Pour the mush into saucepan. On low to medium heat, add full cream milk, cheese, yogurt and dashes of salt plus pepper until all the ingredients mix well.

5. Scoop into a bowl, decorate with milk.

6. Serve warm with toast bread. And enjoy!


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