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Healthy Recipes for Kids

When it comes to a balance diet for kids, it is never easy thus healthy recipes for kids always come handy. Pancakes, being one of the simplest food stuff to prepare is absolutely a great way to combine all of kind nutritional values that a child needs to grow up. I was prompted to experiment, after seeing Austin enjoying waffle so much. Asking for more, it is a positive indication that  he is giving us the green light to toast some pancakes for healthy snacking.

Adding to the collection of our healthy recipes for kids, this simple snacks come handy particularly when we are out into the woods, when we have to pack-out what we pack-in. With pancakes, everything goes into the tummy without the worries to clean up or dispose. So, when it comes to pancakes, these are not only healthy snacks for toddler but one of healthy recipes for kids lunches, adults too!!

To churn an excitement to eat, I use the cookie-cutter to make shapes, while vegetables and fruits make up for happy funny faces on the pancakes!

Ingredients: (makes 7 to 8 pieces)
2/3 cup self-raising flour - I use Blue Key
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup butter - melted
2 to 4 tbsp cup milk/water
2 eggs - slightly whisked
6 to 8 leaves spinach - chopped
4 to 6 cherry tomatoes - sliced
banana, dried fruits/raisin - optional

1. To easily handle/shape spinach, steam the spinach for 5 to 7 minutes or until it turns soft.
2. Combine flour and brown sugar. Stir to mix well.
3. Add butter, egg, apple and milk, then mix evenly. Beat a little, not overly. The batter should appear smooth, thin, immediately drops from spoon as you pour. If gut feel tells you that it is slightly thicker, add 1 to 2 tbsp water/milk. If you have time, leave the batter to stand for 5-10 to allow the gluten to expand.
4. Heat up a pan over medium heat. Best if use the non-stick pan.
5. Scoop the batter onto the pan, using approximately 3 tbsp for each pancake. To create funny faces, place tomato for eyes, raisin for the nose, then spinach for mouth or mustache. Or, just arrange in symmetrical or any orders. I prefer to do this way so that one face of the pancake looks plain and smooth while the opposite offers differently.
6. Once you see the bubbles are formed, slightly brown, then flip it to cook on the opposite face.
7. Use cookie-cutter to shape them. Serve warm.


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