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Monkey Beach

Fancy a weekend outing with kids that promises  a mega dose of nature in its pristine form? More often than not, hikers are warned for the heat and humidity when it comes to jungle trekking in the tropics. For those who had explored on foot to Monkey Beach in Penang National Park however, the story might be different. A laid-back hike by the coastline, the trail is pretty shady except the stretch that passes a bare beach front.

If you favor 'sun-bathing' over an indoor air-conditioned mall during this holiday season, consider taking your kids to Penang National Park. A natural feast to all senses, from a buffet of foliage, wild creatures on land and shorelines to buzzing bugs, this unique experience will last for a long time. 
Our hike to Monkey Beach Penang with Austin uncovered more than a few jungle trails. This Penang's pride is not only the home to pristine beaches and turquoise sea, but also a place to spot white jellyfish, green sea turtle, Macaques, flying lemur, white-belly sea eagle and a seasonal meromictic lake!


Exploring Penang National Park

1. The Shortest trail.
Yes, they have it. Without paying a single cent, one can stroll or push a stroller with your baby up to Pasir Pandak pit stop. Smooth concrete paved trail by the shorelines, one can peep over the mangroves for a sight of sea landscape. Or unwind at the picnic tables by the waterfront. Less than 10 minutes one way, around 500 m. Suitable for infant to toddler, or anyone!

2. Short trails.
You can either make a loop walk by continuing on to Sungai Tukun Bridge, then using the same route back. Or, take a left fork to Canopy Walkway, then another left at the next junction back to Pasir Pandak pit-stop. Likely to be an hour or less walk in the rain forest. Not likely to be a big problem for children of school age, to be on their own. To bring a toddler or an infant, a carrier certainly helps to get the child hugging to you.

3. Longer trails to beaches.
If you're into hiking and aiming for beaches, then follow the signpost heading to Monkey Beach. After 35 minutes, you'd be greeted by Teluk Aling Beach where USM Coastal & Marine Study post is located. And a sight of concrete pier extends to the sea and waving casuarinas. Almost heavenly for sand castles and water play amidst the tranquil ambiance. Trails are easy to moderate, great for tweens and teens to enjoy.

4. Fancy adventure to Monkey Beach Penang
The trail after USM is less popular. With fallen trunks, crossing the hiking trail and bare roots surface out on your way,  keep your eyes wide open and ears peel to nature. Hold on to the rope if you need to. Promise lots of sweat and fun things that active outdoor kids would love. Rewarding Monkey Beach awaits, and it’s always hard to resist stripping off and dipping at this un-spoilt beach no matter how many times your kids had been before. To continue on, it is a woody trail over 1 km to Muka Head Light House.

Monkey Beach Excursion

5. No trail & no hiking.
Means no fun - nah, I am just kidding! You can resort for the last option by taking a boat from the jetty at Penang National Park's Visitor Center. And you don't even need Monkey Beach Penang map. Boat services, one-way or both, stopping at a few beaches (Teluk Kampi, Pantai Kerachut, Monkey Beach/Teluk Duyung, Teluk Aling USM) are offered by third party operators. The standard is RM10 per person or around RM80 per boat. Featuring a different perspective of scenes on the rocks, green, fish farms and a thrill of boating. Make sure you ask for life-jackets for yourself and your kids!

In a nutshell, Penang National Park is a family playground, it offers things to do that fits everyone! Pack-out what you pack-in. For more information, visit here - Taman Negara Pulau Pinang.


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