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If you're looking for a decent spot to take young kids for hiking in Klang Valley, Bukit Gasing Forest Park can be a great option. For KL central and PJ folks, this little gem is certainly nearer than FRIM (Forest Reserve Institute Malaysia) that is located in Kepong. Speaking of size, Bukit Gasing is just like a humble backyard versus FRIM's woodland. However, you would be surprised of feast on the hiking trails that are suitable for all walk of life. From preschoolers, young children, teenagers to adults and alike, this sanctuary is an interesting adventure that definitely has something to offer for everyone. 
Our recent hiking adventure brought us to explore Bukit Gasing Petaling Jaya with 2 preschoolers who are barely 4 years old - little Austin and his cousin!
To my surprise, Austin was always leading as we vanished into the woods around 5:45 pm. At the beginning, we were greeted by a stretch of staircase. Stepping up, left and right, he seemed to enjoyed the moment of ascending. In fact, Austin was going pretty fast, holding Daddy's hand and practically leaving his cousin behind who was dragging his feet. We went ahead to Watch Tower to claim our first accomplishment 20 minutes later. We were at the top of world at 6:10pm.
Stealing some moments to unwind at Watch Tower, this spot offers a panoramic view of PJ Old Town and KL Old Klang Road neighborhoods. Down on the earth next to the tower, there is a flat wooden platform. If you are into yoga, pilates or any kind of floor exercise, you may do right here, surrounded by green and fresh air!

We continued our journey to hunt for Suspension Bridge. The return path back to the fork where we came from was kind of boring. Hence, children rhymes and little bit of play cheered the boys, boosted their confidence to go forward.
Honestly, I was not sure how long we have to march before greeting the next destination - Suspension Bridge. We met a bunch of locals that came with 2 large dogs. When we asked if we were on the right path, they nodded. One chap added, "Yeah, you just go straight and you will reach the exit to the road". Sounds good, but we forgot to ask how long it may take. Opsh!

The blessing was Austin didn't complain at all, he really focused on his steps. The dirt path is almost flat with a couple of slopes and staircase variety.
Out of sudden, there was a foreigner overtook Austin and said, "I should have bring my camera, this little hiker is going pretty fast!". Oh, thank you for the compliment. You really made our day, truly an encouragement for the boys!
We were glad to hear voices that broke the silence in wood. Seeing a group of locals descending gave me an encouragement. Again, we asked "Are we on the right trail to Suspension Bridge?". A veteran male answered, "Yes, just go straight. When you see a fork, go left." This time, we were cleverer "Is it very far, Uncle?". "No that far la", he added after seeing we were tugging with 2 little kids. It must be very near, right?

We continued straight ahead while dusk was peeking. Why aren't we there yet? Austin's cousin started to get impatient. Less and lesser hikers we met, the trail was getting longer. It is indeed the road less traveled. And I started to wonder if we could make it and turning back was a better decision. No noise, thus silence means consent.
We arrived at another junctions, left is heading down while right fork takes us uphill. I was pretty confident to descend and thank God, we finally arrived. At 6:55pm, Austin made his first step on Bukit Gasing Suspension Bridge with a huge smile on his face. A sense of accomplishment!
How did we fare with 2 little boys?
Bukit Gasing entrance to Watch Tower = 20 minutes.
Watch Tower returned to green fencing junction = 12 minutes.
Junction to Suspension Bridge = 25 minutes.
Jalan Tanjong 5/4 from Suspension Bridge to Bukit Gasing entrance (where we parked our vehicles) = 15-20 minutes @ 1.2km
Total hiking/walking duration = 77 minutes @ 1.3 hours
Total hiking/walking distance = 3 to 3.5 km

What did we conquer?
1. Watch Tower
2. Suspension Bridge

Interested, and you can't wait to get there with your children? If you're a novice at PJ neighborhood, get into Google Map or Waze, look for "Hutan Pendidikan Bukit Gasing" or compute these GPS coordinates: 3.095138, 101.656131.

Have fun!!


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