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Homemade Snow Skin Moon Cake Recipe

Have you ever wondered why Mid Autumn Festival is celebrated? Why we are eating moon cakes, why children are parading with brightly-lit lanterns at night? I was taken aback when Austin's teacher threw us all these questions before mooncake making session began. I was stunned for a moment as if these had never came across my mind. But, I finally found out more than what I had heard before on that day!
In Chinese folklore, there are over a dozen versions of moon tales. Nonetheless, the stories never go far from Houyi - the archer, Chang'e who was his beautiful, immortal wife that lived on the moon, and Jade Rabbit. If bunny in Easter folklore signifies fertility for Spring equinox, then Jade Rabbit that appears in Fall equinox was noted the maker of immortal pill! Under a nutshell, Mid Autumn Festival that falls on 15th day of 8th Lunar month is a moon gazing day, the best night to appreciate a bright full moon at the end of harvest season. Not truly a religious festivity, more like a cultural celebration popularized from Tang Dynasty.

Mid Autumn Festival in the recent years are the time for moon cakes bakery business to strike the highest sale of the year, thus this treat is notably very expensive. A piece of designer or branded mooncake can fetch up to RM40 or US$13 dollars! So, why don't we learn how to make Chinese moon cake since this is a top way to spend quality time with our kids?

Hosted by Austin's play school, we signed up without hesitant after it was announced. With the aim to get children and parents together for a session of mooncake making, we had massive fun playing with the real play dough. For Austin, this was a great time to get his palms oiled, rolling balls, tossing balls and hope he grows up enjoying Mid Autumn Festival in this way!! This was also my first time to learn how to make snow skin moon cakes, and it was truly a wonderful experience.

Making Chinese Moon Cake?

After detailing the moon cake recipe, each family was offered a set of play stuff to start. We were given with a chunk of green dough - the crust or snow skin actually and a chunk of moon cake filling. Ours was the yummy chocolate filling and Austin nearly put into his mouth before we even started!

Step 1: To begin, we divided the green dough into 10 portions, same went for the moon cake filling.

Step 2: We then rolled the dough on our palms to form balls, roughly 2-3 cm in diameter. Similarly, we had to work for filling. We worked with dough, it was very easy, oily yet not really sticky though it was a soft pastry. Roll, rolling, and rolled. Done with moon cake dough, we moved on to prepare filling. This moon cake filling was certainly more oily with our palms looked smoother and more glossy :). Turning them into balls was pretty fast for adults but Austin certainly needs more practice for next year :D.

Step 3: Placing a dough ball on palm, we then pressed it to form a flat circle, then added the balled-filling. Next was the tricky part where the art of snow skin moon cake comes in. In order to obtain a thin snow skin, the ice skin or snow skin has to be really thin, yet able to completely wrap the filling! Once the filling was completely covered, we rolled again to make all the wrinkled disappeared.

Step 4: With all the filled balls ready, we placed them into gao fen dusted plastic moon cake mold. Then, we pressed them gently before knocking onto plates to obtain nicely shapes snow skin moon cakes!

Step 5: Our mission was accomplished! And we were rewarded with 6 pieces of delectable snow skin moon cakes to bring home.

Hang on, you need the moon cake recipe, ain't you? Here goes the Homemade Snow Skin Moon Cake Recipe for kids to do it! This easy Moon Cake Recipe makes about 10-12 pieces of kid size's snow skin moon cake. Thanks to Ms Amanda for sharing this great recipe.

To make snow skin
50 g icing sugar
40 g gao fen or cooked glutinous rice flour (can be purchased from cake sundry stores)
50 g shortening - Crisco or alike
120 ml water

Filling requires 200 g, be it a lotus seed paste, dou sa (red bean paste), taro, durian, green tea, coconut mung bean, chocolate, pandan lotus seed or any fillings you like.

To couple with mooncakes, learn how to make a Chinese lantern and this occasion is going to be the most unforgettable Mid Autumn Festival ever!

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