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Home FEEDING Breastfeeding How To DIY Hands-Free Dual Breast Milk Pumping?

Expressing milk is commonly practiced among the mothers that are going back to work. Perform either manually or machine-assisted, some mothers find this chore time consuming when milking is performed on one breast at a time.

Investing on a reliable double pumping breast milking machine may cost a fortune. Yet, there are many benefits associated with double pumping to  collect the previous breast milk.

Time saving is the first in the list of advantages. The duration spent in milking is significantly reduced by half. Both the mother at work or home can return to their former chores as fast as after 15 minutes. Compares to clocking 2 repetitions of 7 minutes pumping at each side of the breast. That sums up to
almost 30 minutes. After that, spending another 10-15 minutes in washing/sterilizing and storing the breast milk. Phew! Yes, those nights I spent almost an hour during wee hours to express/collect breast milk. I was exhausted and there was once I fell asleep while I was expressing breast milk because milking took so long! The milking machine went on and so did I - dozing of :)

If one observes while expressing on one side of breasts, it tends to stimulate milking on another as well. Most mothers experience milk dripping on the other side of breast. In the case of double pumping, the milk could be collected all at once and none is wasted.

In addition, studies reported that prolactin, the hormone that is responsible to produce breast milk is increased when mother performs double pumping. This means higher volume of breast milk will be collected with simultaneous pumping.

For mothers that are looking for an inexpensive solution to build your own double pumping, below offers some good pointers for a DIY double breast pump.

What you need?

1. Existing single cup milking machine @ a decent one side breast pump
2. Old bra or bikini top.
3. Pen and scissors.

1. Put on bra/bikini top and mark the location of the nipples - both left & right.
2. Fold the fabric, cut to make a slit. Do not tear out the fabric.
DIY Double Pumping from Single One side breast pump
3. Place the sucking cup through these slits.
Place sucking cup through slits on bra/bikini top
4. Enjoy your DIY double pumping machine at no cost.
Making Double Pumping nursing machine to work at no cost
Have fun with your new toy :)



0 #2 Mommy Austin 2012-01-21 14:37
DancingMommy, Great to hear that this post helps :)
0 #1 DancingMommy 2012-01-14 08:13
This is cool. I have a pump-in-style which I will hold with one arm and type with the other hand.

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