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Home LEARNING Play & Toys How To Dock (Park) A Plasma Car

For folks who own at least one or more plasma cars at home, you might be thinking of a good option to park these toy cars and this post is dedicated to you.
How to Park Plasma Car At Home

Inspired by the process of how to dock a boat (I guess), Austin presented a sophisticated, stylish way to dock your plasma car at home. Honestly, I was impressed because it looks cool to me. All you need is two pieces of an-inch cube of Lego block and a relatively strong string. Next skill that one may require is to tie the string on the steering neck of the plasma car. And if you're wondering how do the two-piece Lego blocks stick to the wall, there was no magic. Austin was relying on the adhesiveness of super glue - 'Blu Tac' holding it steadily to the wall surface. Brief and simple.

How do you park your plasma car at home? Tell us your story ;)
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