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Have you ever thought of making a 3D plane with your children? Not a paper plane or origami, but a three dimensional plane. The idea of making a plane originated from Austin when I told him that I had a recyclable cereal box for him. With the urge to build a plane, I suggested that he came out with the design first, perhaps sketching out how does his dream plane would look like.

And he began to sketch on a piece of blank paper. Filled up with body, then windows, followed by a mobile staircase, he even drew the wheels.
Insisting that both of us went ahead to pull up our sleeves with the recycled materials, he also asked for a pair of scissors, tape and glue to work with.

What did we use?
1. Kitchen towel roll.
2. An empty cereal box.
3. Ruler.
4. A pair of scissors.

How to make a 3D plane with merely recycled materials?
Yes, you read it correctly. It was built merely with kitchen towel roll and card board from recycled cereal box, without glue or tape, or anything else.

Step 1: Identify the key components of a plane i.e. wings, vertical stabilizer (vertical tail), horizontal stabilizer (horizontal tail), propellers. Indirectly, the kids get a chance to learn the main parts of a plane.

Step 2: Count the parts required:
1 piece of plane body - from kitchen roll
2 pieces wings
4 pieces of wing holders
1 piece of vertical tail
1 piece of horizontal tail
2 pieces of propellers

Step 3:  Aside from plane body, cut out the rest of the plane's parts.

Step 4: Begin to install with the tail because this is the simplest.
Make 2 slit on kitchen towel roll horizontally. This allow you to insert the horizontal tail.
Then make a perpendicular cut to insert the vertical tail.

Step 5: Pull out a pair of wings, place them on top and below the kitchen towel roll.

Step 6: Make 2 slit on the wing holders, at which the distance is the diameter of kitchen towel roll. If you have schooling children that had started learning radius, this kind of instruction sounds like a practical example of their math lesson! To be exact, you may get the kids to measure the diameter of kitchen towel roll before marking on the holder. And lastly, make a small cut.

Insert the wing holders on top and bottom wings, then both front and rear pairs. This will fit and get hold of the wings nicely.

Step 7: Make 2 slit on the front, slightly diagonal. Insert the first propeller. Make a small cut on the first propeller and insert the latter on the former.

A little plane engineer at work

Hey kids..your plane is ready to take off!!

Happy flying :)

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