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It is the time of the year again, we are celebrating Mid Autumn Festival. Popular in the Chinese community, it is also known as Moon Cake day or Lantern Festival whereby kids and alike are looking forward to parade with pretty lanterns as the night falls.

Making lanterns from recycled materials is a great option to encourage kids to create and make something out from pre-loved items, in a way appreciating used materials and put them into good use, instead of getting new stuff that cost rather a fair bit. It makes our earth greener and better, right?
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This year, Austin's school organized a lantern making contest. And we participated in the recycled material lantern category. Guess what we are making this time? A rocket.
DIY Lantern Rocket

How to make lantern with recycled materials?

1 piece of used body shampoo bottle - rinse thoroughly and dry it
1 piece of plastic bag
1 Cherios box
2-3 toilet roll holder
aluminium foil
marker pen

1. Drill and make a hole at the bottom of body shampoo bottle.
2. Cut the Cherio box into 3 pieces to make the rocket's fins. Use double sided tape, and stick them onto the body shampoo bottle.
3. Cut toilet roll holder to about 1/3 of its original height. Make a couple slit and insert to the fins.
4. Grab a plastic bag (red is preferred) and insert into the bottom to make it appearing like the flame once the rocket is launched.
5. Ta-da!

Ready to parade...
Rocket from recycled materials

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