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Believe me, even if you're a non native English speaker, your child will never be penalized to struggle early literacy in English. No matter English is your mother tongue or not, learning how to teach your child to read benefit across the board as long as you make a reasonable goal in addition to a consistent effort. The bottom line is reading must fun for you and your child!
I hope you're with me and I am going to tell my story...

How to teach your child to read in English

Both my Darling and and I were raised up in a multi-lingo environment. We only picked up English in school, around 5-6 years old. And English, being a secondary language in our schools after Bahasa Malaysia is never popular in speeches outside. Living in multi-cultural society, we have tons of other dialects to communicate with each other at which we couldn't master all. Like it or not, we suffered from being called 'banana' for not reading Chinese (despite I look Chinese but my Darling doesn't). English on the other hand, was never the predominant lingo until we went through tertiary education, graduated, started working in multi-national organizations.

After having a child, we were left with a few choices to pick our primary language at home. Bahasa Malaysia, English or Chinese? I bet your guess would be as good as ours - we selected English! The lingo that we know the best, the highest fluency in spoken and written, plus the edge of so-called international language. All we want is our child can communicate with us in English in every means, that's all about it.

Fast forward to present, Austin is a little master of shapes, colors and numbers, these are at his fingertips. They jump out of his mouth as soon as they catch his attention.

And, at 25 month-old Austin can...

read Sight Words from 54 flash cards double sided includes 2-word phrases e.g. I am, can play, they are. This set is recommended for ages 5 and up.

  • read 86 flash cards from Ready for School, recommended for ages 4 above. This set stresses on the basic e.g. colors, shapes, objects, numbers.
  • read numbers from one, two, three to ten in both, numerical and word. He can continue on numerical from 11 to over 100. It is kind of cute to hear he goes on with 'one hundred and eleven' (111), and on until he is bored :).
  • read simple board books e.g. First Sesame Street Library.
  • pronounce clearly almost 100% of 54 pieces Animals of All Kind flash cards from School Zone. Need more practice for koalas and chipmunks, but he can pronounce rhinoceros perfectly despite it is a 4-syllable animal.
  • read signposts (e.g. No Parking Clamping Zone, The Light), instructions on tools (e.g. push, open), food labels (e.g. biscuits, butter, pancakes, muffins, breads).
  • make a sentence/phrase of 3-word and up e.g. Mommy open door, Daddy blows bubbles, let’s go out, here comes big ball, go and get pillow, somewhere over the rainbow.
  • count objects. Yup, I mean counting on e.g. there are 6 stars on his potty, he points to one on the left most, then next after, and after till the sixth.
  • sing lullabies e.g. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Ten Little Indian, Pat A Cake.

To find out more on our journey right from beginning, walk through my early posts:

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Statistically, it is valid to claim ours is an isolated case. For more story like ours, read an inspiring post from a mother of a child who started to read at 12 month-old.  As much as we strive to be the most perfect parents to Austin, I have to admit I am not there yet :).  So, if you have interesting stories on how to teach your child to read, whether it is in English, Chinese, Spanish or any languages, we want to learn from you. I have to constantly learn everyday, to keep up with the pace as Austin hits his milestones!