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How To Treat Stomach Flu In Kids

In the past two months, Austin has been suffering from stomach flu twice. One after another, exactly a month apart. Considered typical, stomach flu is contagious and usually transfer from one kid to another within a confined environment such as play school or kindergarten. What comes around goes around, that applies to notorious bugs too. And honestly, there is no better cure to stomach flu other than one's immune system. Remember, stomach flu is a viral infection thus antibiotic will never work!

Profile: Boy, age 31 months old.

Stomach Flu Symptoms:
Fever - mild to moderate between 37.5-38.5 deg Celsius in 48 hours
Bloated/gassy tummy
Throat inflammation
Loss of appetite

To Do:
1. Throwing out is a way to expel the toxic. If it happens no more than a couple times, Momma usually don't administer anti-vomiting drug.
2. Monitoring body temperature every 2-3 hours.
3. Offering sufficient food and fluid, less in quantity, high in frequency. If Austin shakes his head, signaling enough or rejection, Momma would stop.
4. Putting the child to rest as much as possible. Without water and food, Austin usually prefers to lay down, switching to rather inactive mode comparatively. He tends to nap more often than usual, perhaps 2-3 times in a day and each is between 20 minutest to an hour. At the same time, it is pretty exhausting to keep puking while tolerating with gassy tummy.
4. Offering plenty of love and compassion.

Symptomatic treatment stomach flu:
Anti vomiting – either Motilium or Maxolon (Metoclopramide HCl)
Anti diarrhea - Kaolin-Pectin
Anti pyretic/fever - Paracetamol
Probiotic - Prolactor

Food to offer:
Banana, apple, avocado, raisin, rice, bread, fruit juice.
(Honestly, Austin survived on fruits & raisin on first day and banana alone on the day after!)

Food to abstain:
Cow's milk & any kind of dairy products e.g. yogurt, cheese.

Watch out for:
1. Dehydration - always make sure your child have sufficient fluid.
2. Body temperature - keep the child comfortable, administer paracetamol or anti-pyretic when necessary.
3. Diarrhea - this is another means to expel the toxic. If the diarrhea occurs less than 5X in a day, administering anti-diarrhea drug is not encouraged. Too many times of diarrhea can lead to dehydration thus anti-diarrhea may help.
4. Stay away from confined zone such as school or public places.
5. Practice good hygiene e.g. don't share food/utensil with others, washing hand with soap and warm water after cleaning up the puke/poo etc.

Stomach flu in children: What to expect?
Like any other infection, stomach flu also has an incubation period for one to three days. Stomach flu usually takes at least 5-7 days to completely recover hence do not expect an overnight magical recovery!

This post is written for our personal reference. The above tips are gathered after consulting our pediatrician and reading online materials. Treating one case to another case may differ, always consult your physician if you're in doubt.


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