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Home LIVING Outfit & Footwear How Toddler Practice Wearing First Walking Shoes?

Speaking of shoes, Austin owned a pair of cute pre-walker shoes that he hardly put on. We thought that pair would serve great for outing or special occasions, but guess he is comfortable enough with a pair of socks alone. If we get to turn back the clock, we would not even make the purchase for pre-walker shoes though they cost only 8 bucks! Yes, we bought an antique for such a low price :) Are you interested?
Fabric Prewalker shoes for boy 
Armed with basic guideline on how to get the first pair of shoes for early walker, we found something decent for Austin. A pair of canvas with flat, thin and light soles.

If you sense that your toddler refused to be put on his/her new walking shoes, be rest assured he/she is not alone. After we purchased the shoes, we wore them on Austin in the evening. Guess what? He slipped his feet out from the shoes, indicating his disapproval.

We tried again a day after. Again, he hated the shoes.

We waited for another two days. This time, my hubby babyweared him with Ergobaby carrier. Then, I grabbed his socks, pulling into the tiny feet, swiftly continued with the new pair of shoes. Surprisingly, no sign of rejection. We took him out for people watching. After half an hour, we returned home and let him get down with shoes on.

“Hey..he is walking with his new pair of shoes!”, exclaimed my hubby.
Toddler stands with a ball about to shoot 
p.s. If you are interested to recruit a tiny NBA player, please contact us :)


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