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I am stay-at-mom but it doesn't mean that I do not need some personal time. Married to a loving superhero, we plan out our daily activity ahead. I go for running on every alternate day of the week at dawn.

Some days before hitting the road, I work out something for Austin's breakfast. Potato, sweet potato, eggs or anything that takes 30 minutes or more in electric steamer. By the time I reach home, Austin's warm meal is ready as he wakes up. Sounds perfect, right? Nonetheless, when I overlook or underestimate what I can offer to Austin for breakfast, I go for quick fix meals to save me from misery.
Heinz Biscotti - Baby Biscuits 
Thanks to momma Angel for recommending Biscotti. Made in Italy from Heinz, a pack of  12 pieces biscuits (RM4.50, 60g) can be served as finger food to the little one of 7 months and above. With 10 pieces, they make up for about 1 cup of mush. Break the biscuits, add some warm water, then mash with fork. This how easy it can be, ready almost instantaneously. Austin prefers it than any other brands of baby biscuits on the shelves. Judging from my palate, Biscotti is not too sweet (perhaps that’s the reason Austin loves it) comparatively, I like it better too. Compares to the rusks, these biscotti are easily soften, and trust me they use much less of our 'precious' energy to crush. I get biscotti biscuits from Tesco but I believe most supermarket aisles stock them as well. Sold in three themes namely organic, apple and chocolate.

Having said that, if you do not wish to introduce sugar and cow's milk to your little one (especially before first birthday), then try with crushed millet from Holle. Made from certified organic ingredients, the similar range of other variety offered by Holle includes oat cereal, rice cereal, three grains porridge and millet porridge alone. To prepare the cereal, all you need is warm water about 50 degree Celsius. Instructions are available on the box but my own formula for 1 cup is prepared from 3-4 tbsp, add with 3/4 cup of water and stir well. To purchase, run to Jusco - baby/organic food aisle, Cold Storage or the organic/health stores nearby (but not all carry this brand though). Each box costs RM19.90 for 250g.
Holle Millet Porridge 
By the way, these choices are pretty decent if you are on the go with babies. Healthy (for millet and its range :)), simple, instant and convenience, they saved us while we were on the road trips, outings and vacation.

So mommies (and daddies of course) out there, if you have good tips for a quick fix breakfast, do not leave us without sharing your secrets. Write something in the comment box below. Thanks a bunch in advance :)



0 #2 Momma Austin 2011-12-27 17:39
Great tips Jenny :) These made a wonderful breakfast for little mouth!
0 #1 Jenny 2011-12-25 19:29
Can try this oat with some fresh fruits (banana, dragon fruits...) or steam pumpkin with milk for breakfast...:)

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