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Named after a Jewish Singaporean philanthropist, dedicated to all children in Singapore, Jacob Ballas Children's Garden is a must-visit place for kids. Claimed to be the first children's garden in Asia, I was amazed with the ideas to design such a beautiful outdoor space within city limit. Things here are colorful, catchy, educational and tiny-mini in sizes. How much I wish Penang offers one similarly!

The facade of JacobBallas Children's Garden
Located near the intersection of Bukit Timah Road and Kheam Hock Road in Tanglin area, Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden is a part of the extended zone on the north of Singapore Botanic Gardens. Driving is certainly the most convenience mode to reach Jacob Ballas Children's Garden from door to door. Hop on MRT and alight at the Botanic Gardens station (CC 19), this is an equally great choice. From the Singapore Botanic Gardens' gate, take a short walk circling the south of Eco Lake. Follow the arrow on signpost that stated Jacob Ballas Children's Garden. Not too far after passing the local fruits' farm, a small paved road is leading you to the Children's Garden. The facade is only visible once you reach the parking area.

Promote learning by putting all senses at work

Thanks to Austin, he is our license to enter into Jacob Ballas Children's Garden and to experience the great stuff made for children. Except the classroom kind of activities, all the fun things here are run under the sun which they reminded us how wonderful our life were when we were kids! Promote learning by placing all senses at work, the focus at Jacob Ballas Children's Garden to cultivate love towards nature, appreciation on plants and discovery of life sciences. From caving in the garden, walking on suspension bridge, hiding in the maze, climbing up the tree house to wondering the magic of photosynthesis, there are more than a dozen of themes here to explore.

Spending the whole morning at Singapore Botanic Gardens, Austin dozed off when we arrived at Jacob  Ballas Children's Garden after lunch. We took a slow stroll, hoping for him to wake up but he didn't. Guess Austin was telling us to take him there again soon. Yes, the deal is on!

Spare the words, spoil your eyes. Instead of penning down how great this garden is, the pictures are going to tell you more than a thousand words from what we saw through our lenses.
Mystree at JacobBallas

Restaurant at Jacob Ballas Children's Garden
Green Banana and Banana flower on Banana tree
Map of Jacob Ballas Children's Garden
Kids Maze in Singapore
Outdoor Four-face block for kids
Spice garden at Jacob Ballas
A wonderful outdoor learning and playing place for kids in Singapore
Tree house at Jacob Ballas
Kids Suspension bridge
Magical photosynthesis

Jacob Ballas Children's Garden is one of its kind. Every child deserves this place, every child belongs here!


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