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Happy Healthy Foods For Kids

If favorite food is something we like to eat often, then Austin's craze for biscuits or cookies is beyond a favorite thing. So far, whenever we offer Austin biscuits, he would never refuse. I started offering him biscuit to get him to practice biting and chewing. Two to three biscuits a day, to keep Austin happy throughout the day! But these days, Austin doesn't wait to be offered for biscuits anymore. He is better than any alarm clocks we have at home. Right on the dot at 10 am and 9 pm daily, you'd hear 'biscuit! biscuit! biscuit!!' as he comes to you. It also means Austin can survive on biscuits alone for days and weeks!
Last weekend, we went shopping for groceries before lunch and so happened that we bought a couple boxes of his top favorite food. So, when all of us were seated in a Japanese restaurant, Austin pointed to our grocery bags and said to me 'biscuit'! Pretending not really understood, I noted acknowledging that he was hungry. So, we went on to order some sushi and Japanese dishes for all of us. He repeated 'biscuit'. Again, we ignored the poor guy. When chawamushi (steamed egg) arrived, I knew he was starving so I quickly offered it to him. Shaking his head, he was not only refused but also yelled pretty loud for no-no-no! Persistently, Austin pointed to the grocery bags and repeated biscuit, biscuit, biscuit! Did you hear me, all I want for my lunch was biscuit, biscuit and more biscuit!! Hard to believe, for such a tiny boy, he knows how to insist on what he really wanted!

For busy moms and children that are picky eaters, the struggle may come to an end if you can source for an easy, quick and healthy foods for your kids. These days, we are pretty diligent to browse the biscuit's aisles, hoping to find a variety of healthy foods for kids particularly in the form of cookies. To my delight and surprise, fast, instant foods can turn out to be wholesome foods. One of the great places to source for healthy foods for kids is Jingsi Books & Cafe.

Healthy Eating For Kids

You might be wondering what does a book store can offer. Jingsi Books & Cafe is merely a few minutes walk from Pinang Peranakan Museum and Fort Cornwallis in the heart of George Town Heritage Zone. Serving only beverages or drinks, Jingsi Books & Cafe is set-up and managed by Tzu Chi Foundation and they have 10 outlets in major cities of Malaysia. Besides spiritual books, a quaint and calm oasis to unwind, it also sells a list of healthy foods for kids. From healthy snacks to healthy breakfast foods kids are going to love, these entail nutty kind of tit-bits, brown rice beverage, 5-grains beverage, instant mix for pancakes/muffin/cakes, seaweed crackers, buckwheat cookies to happy smiling biscuits!! And more.

Traveling with little finicky eaters can be challenging particularly to find healthy foods for kids on the go. To keep your worries at bay, you can also stock up their miso, instant noodles and instant rice, available in a variety of flavors and these are strictly labeled for wholesome meals - no chemicals, no preservatives and no artificial flavoring. Dried, well packed and labeled, all are made in Taiwan. Despite not a grocery kind of variety, they are sufficient for survival because these are also the 'fast' foods prepared for disaster victims. The only flip side is the price - more expensive than what we can grab from typical grocery stores.

Jingsi Books & Cafe 
31, Beach Street, Penang.

For all other locations of Jingsi Books & Cafe in Malaysia, click here.


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