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Dear Big Brother Kaevin,

Yesterday daddy brought back a new toy for me. He said it flew in directly from Japan. A gift from Kaevin. Arigato gozaimas big bro! This piece of play stuff is charming :) Daddy shook the toy and I gave him a huge smile. I love the crackling melody that swirled out from this musical instrument.

A Shaker flew directly from Japan
Today, I get to experience it myself. Momma warned me to be gentle with it so that I can keep it to play for a long time.
See, I am good at it!
And the bonus for today is I get a brand new rubber ball, from Tesco Extra. Considering that I like all kind of round, doughnut rings, and spherical cups, momma thought this rubber ball sounds good, adding on to my favorite collection.
Again, thank you for the beautiful gift. You know this is my first toy from Japan!



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