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One fine morning, while Austin was taking breakfast Mommy decided to play riddle with him. Looking at his lovey the alphabet plate...

Mom: Something that starts with letter U. A stick that use to pull out your toys from under the sofa. So what is that thing?

Austin: Umbrella!! What is that something that is under table? W for wire.

Mom: How about V?

Austin: Something that I brought home from school.

Mom: Aha..(trying very hard to think :))

Austin: Volcano!

Mom: Let's guess for what is my mind for X.

Then, Austin started to pretend holding something and knocking on an imaginary flat bars.

Mom: Xylophone!

Austin smiled indicating correct.

Mom: It's my turn for Y. It's going to be very easy. Look!

So, I pointed to him on his chest, then smiled. Then looking into his eyes, I pointed at myself back.

Austin: Y for You!

Mom: How about Z? What shall we guess for Z?

Austin promptly shouted "Zhe Wen!" without second thought. It certainly makes sense because ZW is his best friend, hence it explains no 'zebra', 'zipper' or 'zoo'. Haha!

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