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Not too long ago, Penang White Curry Noodle was the first that made a hit on the supermarket shelves in Europe, Singapore and Hong Kong. It was not just a simple craze abroad, Malaysians are also sourcing for local consumption with resource locations were shared in Facebook! Ironically, I have yet to sample any of the this so-called famous Penang Curry Noodles. Haha..With so much to discuss on the best instant noodles, this is what our family ranks for #1 instant noodle up to this moment (that I am composing this post :)). We present you Koka Instant Noodles – Soy & Vinegar Flavor. 
Claimed on its packaging that Koka Instant Noodles is cold noodles with no added MSG, no artificial coloring and no preservatives, hence we allow it for Austin. To be honest, this is this first opportunity for Austin to sample an instant noodle. The noodle itself is made from wheat flour, tapioca starch, whole purple wheat flour, whole purple corn flour and salt. Whilst the seasoning is composed from the following ingredients: sugar, canola oil, salt, soy sauce powder, sesame oil, yeast extract, garlic, balsamic vinegar, chives, caramel and malic acid.

Where did I find it? Adventist Bakery at Jalan Burma, Penang.

I prepared it with some anchovies, carrot, French beans, corn, onion and chopped garlic. To my surprise, both of my boys love it! They finished everything :)

Honestly, I didn’t do much research to verify whether Koka Instant Noodles are healthy for kids. Nevertheless, less guilt in serving this kind of instant noodles of course. And while other kids of Austin’s age had sampled almost everything under the sun, he has began to join the large crowd I guess despite we are still keeping candies at bay!


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