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Why not? The coffee addict mother does not break any laws in the country even though it churns a little guilt within oneself when she is breastfeeding! The key is moderation. Of course, the best is to avoid totally.

I am lactating momma and I love coffee! A habit that is incredibly hard to kick out from my life. After I was diagnosed with acid reflux, I quit. But not too long after, I was back to be 'coffee addict'. Until I was pregnant with Austin, I completely called off this habit for the sake of him and never touch coffee through all the four trimesters :)

The simple rule of thumb says a cup of coffee a day is fine. Having said that, every baby is different. Austin is doing well with a cuppa a day. Some babies however may experience sleep disturbance even with that.

Since the main culprit is caffeine, how about going for decaffeinated coffee?

Be aware that decaffeinated coffee does not mean ZERO (0%) caffeine. If one drinks a cup of decaf coffee, it is equivalent to taking a cup of cocoa. Less does not tally to none. And take note, caffeine also exists in other beverages such as tea, chocolate, cocoa, soft drinks (except Sprite, 7-Up) and energy drinks. For the peace of mind, never neglect the label before your indulgence :)

Now, I am happy with decaf for a cuppa a day. And once a week, I spoil myself with a cup of 'real' coffee early in the morning. 
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Cheers mommas!


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