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Langkawi Holiday with Kids

With perpetual summer in Malaysia, this year we picked Langkawi (again) for a brief getaway. Not a trio, but a flock of many - the whole big family from the youngest to the oldest, none is missed out.
Langkawi Holiday Villa Beach Front
Infinity Pool of Holiday Villa Langkawi

With a beach holiday in mind, we went back to reserve our stay with Federal Villa. Wile enjoying the private waterfront under beautiful sunny days, we also did not forget its large swimming pool and children's pool.

Enjoying pool

The moment we landed in Langkawi, we called up the Langkawi Cable Car operation office and it was a blessing to find out that SkyBrigde was opened that afternoon. Without hesitance, we drove to Oriental Village in order to make it this time.
Langkawi SkyBrige in afternoon
Hiking trail to SkyBridge


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