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Have you ever thought that you can teach your kids learning how to play keyboard with merely numbers? Sounds cool and it is not impossible after you walk through this post. A good option, this approach is easy to follow, allowing the little fingers hitting the right keys by merely understand the position of the key at which is identified by a single digit.
I call myself a music idiot. I have bad ears for tempo. Neither I have a pair of good eyes to read the sprouting musical notes. Whenever it comes to tune, song and melody, I failed. In a nutshell, I have zero talent for music! I then asked myself what is my strength. Numbers! I can practically digest and turn them into anything with a snap of fingers (excuse me for bragging).

And I had just discovered a new thing about the man that I have been living and sleeping with over the past 9 years! He is a talented ‘song writer’. By merely listening, experimenting and placing his fingers on the keyboard, he had written down the best kept secrets on how to play keyboard for people like me! Each key is represented in numbers and all I have to do is practice and more practice!

With a little coaching to break the code, after a few lessons, it took me to play the keyboard like a pro (ahem)! Keen to spy on how I did it?

Step 1: Understand the location of each key on keyboard
Refer to below to name each key and its position.
This works great for simple melodies chiefly the everlasting nursery rhymes. Hearing this kind of music always made me feel younger than young!

Step 2: Place markers or indicators on keyboard. Avoid the contact area where fingers hit the keys if possible.

Step 3: To start, use fingers from dominant hand (right hand). Read the number and press the key in order or in accordance to the music notes. Keep playing the same song to get used to the fingers movement.

Song: Twinkle twinkle little stars

1           1       5     5     6     6     5 
Twin - kle twin – kle   lit – tle   stars

4      4    3       3        2     2    1
How I  won -  der what you are

5     5       4        4       3      3      2

Up a  -  bove   the world   so    high

5        5    4             4       3     3       2
Like   a    dia   -  mond   in   the   sky

1           1       5     5     6     6     5 
Twin - kle twin – kle   lit – tle   stars

4      4    3       3        2     2    1
How I  won -  der what you are

Above picture: Austin @16 mo when we’d just got the keyboard.

Step 4: Exercise with all the fingers on one hand first. For brief nursery such as the above Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, you can play with only right hand.

If you wish to try playing with both hands, practice on the song that have keys labeled with top dots or bottom dots (though this little keyboard we bought for Austin has limitation for full range of bottom dots). I will compile more songs with lower dots and upper dots and get them published in my upcoming post. Don’t miss that!

To make the music sounds like a pro, never let go the former key before hitting the latter key. This means I allow my former finger to stay in contact on the key before the latter finger hits the next key. With more and more practice, you'll master in no time.

If you kids love music yet have the trouble to learn how to read the 'real' musical notes, this may help particularly pre-schoolers who have just started learning about numbers. This approach is simple making it great to teach kids on how to play keyboard. Playing music in this way certainly makes it more interesting and fun!



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Hi YiYi

We tried the notes for twinkle twinkle. Itz cool.. :-D

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