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Today Austin demonstrated that he can help himself, getting down from bed, all by himself, and safely.

After visiting Gracy, we learned that Mika (who is Austin's cousin and at least a head-length taller than Austin) can get down from his parents' bed all by himself. The secret is learning. The babies do! Gracy told us that they taught Mika how to do it correctly. Over time and by practice, he made it.

I guess, now we began to see what we soiled over the past few weeks.

What we did:
Whenever Austin was nearing the edge of the bed, we told him that 'EDGE'. He would somehow extend his hand, and sensed the open/empty space in the air :)

Then, whenever he tried to get down from the bed, we turned his body so that both soles of his legs will reach the floor first before any other parts of his body.

How Austin performs:
He gets hold the bed sheet tightly, hugging the edge of the mattress/bed, then slide his bottom torso almost from parallel with the edge to vertical, then extending his legs down reaching the floor. 

Parental note:
Height does play a big role, whether it is the height of the bed, the little one, or both. Our bed is only 2 feet height. In Austin's case, he is obviously growing taller, so it is less risky of helping himself!

And encouragement too! Congratulate and give him/her a peck if he/she did it right!


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